Sarti is a seaside resort with a lot of tourist traffic during the summer months and is located on the east side of the Sithonia peninsula, at a distance of 135 km from Thessaloniki, and 77 km from Polygyros. It is an attraction for thousands of tourists every year as it combines mountain and sea, although the truth is that it has lost the glamor it had in the '80s when the groups of English and Scandinavian tourists reached hundreds. In recent years he is now trying to dynamically re-enter the tourist map of family tourism this time. The sandy clear beach with crystal clear waters makes it one of the best beaches in Greece, while it is also one of the largest beaches in Sithonia. Along the beach there are shops of all kinds, restaurants, taverns, bars, beach bars, clubs which provide high quality services to tourists. However, within walking distance is the famous beach of Kavourotripes, the only and most photographed beach of Halkidiki. The imposing view of Mount Athos with its unique sunrise creates an image of the mountain that you will never forget. A real pilgrimage to Mount Athos, without having to be there!

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