Neos Marmaras

The seaside town is located on the second leg of Halkidiki, Sithonia. It extends amphitheatrically at the foot of Mount Itamos (Dragoundeli) and this place with steep ups and downs gives it a very special color that strongly resembles a Cycladic island. Neos Marmaras back in the ‘90s was the cosmopolitan resort of Sithonia, with tourists from all over Europe flocking to the then pristine area for the stunning, crystal clear beaches and beautiful nature of the peninsula. Neos Marmaras is famous, of course, and due to its infinitely beautiful hotel unit in Porto Carras. Golf courses, swimming pools, a private marina, a winery, and the unique vineyard on the slopes above the hotel complex make Porto Carras unique. Although the area has lost the glamor of the old days, its beaches remain crystal clear with clear blue waters so it is worth visiting.

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Porto Karras Shared Pool Suite

Suite, Neos Marmaras
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